Reviews for "Contra 3: Is too F** Hard"

Perfect, brings back memories too! A hard game indeed.

I cry every tim.
Yea I love contra dat nostalgia doe.
The animation was very good but, the lip sync with the voices felt weird.
Besides that it was very well done and short.

well, i kinda liked the animation. but i have to admit i was very disappointed that half of the clip was credits....
like another guy said around here. animation was good, content was weak...

Brings back memories
I rented that game so many times from the video store.
At some point it does get easy even on hard
The game is the best contra i played and the music is really awesome !!

The animation was solid. The content had its highs and lows, but it was overall amusing. Although, you might get 5 stars from me just for including the aliens guy in there at 22 seconds. That was fantastic.

4TAKEN responds:

It had to be done!!