Reviews for "Quotidian"

This is the most accurate i got in the Latin translation (in his kinda bit computer):

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I loved how you just insert something mysterious in the game, 10/10!

Great game! I got scared at the last part lol

Wow... I never suspected the turnout of this game. Quite a surprise.

That was really good, more?

Day one: I can't wait to see the twist
Day two: Why are you drinking Coffee grounds? And Jim is no longer capable of memory.
Day Three: WHAT THE FU- yeah I may have been expecting this. EW EW EW I DRANK SPIDERS. A parchment isn't a computer. GODDAMN IT JIM WILL NOT FUCKING REMEMBER THIS. How are going to close the curtains, they're not even up-Oh sure, that's a very progressive option there. Well, life goes on even if the world doesn't.