Reviews for "Quotidian"

Super interesting game i like how jim remembered everything you said and you got to choose that part even though it didnt REALLY matter LOL good game liked the different days and the implications of the game.

Dang it,this game MUST DEFINITELY BE LONGER! Dude,this has so much potential! You definitely must add more days and immersion and choices to it! This needs to have at least 15 days! Not only 3 days! Seriously,this deserves to be MUCH longer. At least 45-50 minutes long. I rate this 5! This must be longer! Seriously,this has so much potential!

From a normal day to debt to the apocalypse, you will always have your routine. This game portrays this concept really well. Even though it is simple, it gets five stars for being done in 48 hours, witch is impressive.

The gameplay was the most boring thing ever, But that was exactly the point! I loved how this came out, positively Mundane, in the most terrifying way possible!