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Reviews for "My Very Own Lith"

So, I have been really enjoying this game. You have created such a visual world and I can't wait for more, but for some reason it is not letting me save. I am forced to start from the beginning every time I do something I really didn't want to do. (Not even auto save is working.) I am loving the game and have started to be addicted to it, but not being able to save is kinda shitty, especially when I walk away and wait a while... any help would be great. Thanks

Lithiers responds:

I'm glad you've enjoyed! That does sound like a pretty frustrating problem, though. Not sure what would cause it, but my first suggestion would be to follow the link to my blog and download a copy of the game to your computer. If that doesn't do the trick, try updating your Flash, and/or open it in a different browser, or even in Flash projector! It sounds like something along the way is blocking Flash files from saving anything to your computer. MVOL saves to #localwithnet, and that's the only reason I can think of it might act differently than other flash files when it comes to saving. I hope this helps!

I love this game. The different interactions, the backstories, how her personality changes. And everything is wonderfully written (even if the storyline is making me a bit sad now). This is a seriously amazing game.

Cute. Well done music. Many choices. Many ways to mix and match. Just perfecto.

Great game, but how do you get the collars? I've only ever found the black collar.

Lith is so adorable that I can enjoy this feline for hours of entertainment. Lith is the kind of story line I would love to see more of and will continue to play to this day. Your way of showing how a character reacts by how you act is a wonderful concept that I never grow tired of. Keep up the good work.