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Reviews for "My Very Own Lith"

Okay, this game is a masterpiece. I haven't seen many text-based games in recent years (the Crypt Shyfter series being the only one), and NONE of them have been this good.

The way that your character can evolve is great, and after the doors and the *MINDFUCK* begins, it only seems to enunciate that. The evolution of Lith is even better, as she (I played with Lith as a female) is a truly three-dimensional character. Just comparing her personality when you're being a kind master versus when she's dominating you is amazing, and she is just so adorable that it hurts!

Speaking of hurting, as the story progresses and more is revealed about her, it begins tugging at your heartstrings; when her backstory is slowly unveiled, my heart ached, and after exploring the second and third doors, it only intensified. After the fourth... I teared up. That's how good this is; the only other time I've teared up like this is over Tali at the end of the Mass Effect trilogy, and they had three whole games to implant and nurture that connection.

The story, even after the *MINDFUCK* sets in, is still engaging and well made, and still manages to remain mostly coherant (minus the third door, which seems to have its true nature shrouded). The fourth, at least in my mind, also kinda answers some of the third's raised questions, although not directly; moreso in a philosophical way, philosophical context being a major theme throughout this game.

I haven't even finished the fourth door, so I don't know if that is really the end or if there is still more to go, but all I know is that this game is full of THE FEELZ and I love it!

Lithiers responds:

Hey, great to hear you enjoyed! And yes, you're at the start of the game's final chapter, which is as far as I've written so far (though as of this message I just added another chunk to that). I hope you enjoy the game's conclusion as it unfolds from here ^.^ And thanks for the awesome review!

Absolute. Perfection.

Whenever I quit it doesn't keep my save, what can I do to prevent this

Lithiers responds:

If you're playing in incognito mode or something similar, that usually wipes your saves. You might try playing in normal mode, or in a different browser, or downloading the game from my blog! I have an entry on the FAQ if you're not sure how to play a flash file directly from your computer.

Ok...I just HAVE to say ONE thing about this game.And that is...that I love it.I do.I really REALLY do.It's well designed,it's interesting,and its an actual GOOD(furry based?)GAME.I literally cannot complain.And guess what?I AM NOT A FURRY.I'm not.But this game is so interesting,(in a good way)that I find this genuinely intriguing.I honestly hope that the maker of this game see's this and know's that this is a great game.I mean at some time's I guess I occasionally get weirded out by the um...sex...and such...but other than that,the game is so...great(jeez that word is old by now)that even with my childish "pure" brain,I still can't bring myself to leave.But yeah,the character's,the story,and the game-play,(yes,the sex to)are all AMAZING and I just want you to know that this game?Is worth it.Oh.Also,five stars.(Oh bye the way,I left alot out but I'm to lazy to check over this and check.So anyone who has more to say about how great this game is?Knock yourself out.(But srsly,play this game...it's awesome.)Anyway,buh-bye!And P.S?:You're great! :)

Great game, but how do you get the collars? I've only ever found the black collar.