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Reviews for "My Very Own Lith"

Im having difficulty getting any collars other than black, also does anyone know how to get all pictures in the gallery?

I have to say... It's a masterpiece... But Lith it's just destroying me, I get the blue and the black collar but... I don't wannt to be a friend or a "master", but, the pink collar is IMPOSSIBLE, I tried to be naughty and nice at the same time but it's like insanity I do tryed A LOT but it seems worthless... Anyway... Outstanding job, five stars for you but... Goodbye Lith, i give up.

P.S.: If someone could give me a single tip I would be thankfull, if no... then It's goodbye.

Lithiers responds:

Hey, thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed, despite your troubles.

A common tip I hear for that is to get to the point where you unlock the blue collar but don't summon it, then carefully get more sexual, keeping your naughtiness as low as you can. Hope that helps!

It's a good game

ok, the endings are practically indecipherable with the hidden text, and spending your time deciphering an ending removes a lot of the payoff. then again, i think i am starting to understand. there are 2 conversations going on, and the hidden one is hard to read due to being unsure how the main text interacts with it. unless it is a CONSISTENT oversight, but...
i do enjoy the game, but i am not a huge fan of the gameplay shift once the doors appear. prior to it, you have plenty of interaction, but after it, it dissolves into a novel of an ending, with minimal interactions each with more impact. if the player has a set goal in mind, the doors also require a lot of commitment with very little indication of which options go where. i dont mind a long text box to describe an ending, but giving us 4+ to read through... regardless of how much you enjoy the story being told, your mind starts to wander and you start re-reading lines over and over. the endings are very draining, especially for players who want to see everything and end up reloading from one just to go into another.

edit: found the third door by only going through the stone one alone. it does seem to fix a good chunk of my problems with the stone door endings by giving you far more interaction, but i cant fully comment on it until i eventually work up the energy to finish exploring it. i also figured out that the only "choice" that matters prior to the doors is which collar. Pink results in different stories than black. i did encounter an interesting "bug" though. i unlocked the pink collar, didnt apply it, unlocked the black collar, then was unable to summon the pink collar by spamming nice again. it is already set up with a threshold in mind, if you unlock the black collar but start acting too nice you cant summon it until cruel again, but it seems the player only has access to one at a time...

MY GOD did that pull at my womanly heartstrings. The "Broken and Bloated" ending made me feel like a POS for what happened and how it ended. I am still working on the "split personality" one but, damn!

This game is a wonderful gem to find as it not only has enough content to play multiple times with a story line and characters that are well developed, you become emotionally invested. Would love to support with hopes of it being finished. A+

Lithiers responds:

It's been a long road, but the game is nearing completion! I'm glad to hear the game has had an impact on you, and it sounds like it's been a rich and varied one, which is just what I'm going for. I hope you'll enjoy the final endings as they finally roll out! Thanks for the review!