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Reviews for "My Very Own Lith"

downloaded this game a couple months ago and LOVED IT! Truly awesome story and game design

When you think you're getting a porn sim and get Undertale 2 instead. Well, not instead, but in addition to. Amazing game.

this has always been one of my favorite games. i always come back in to check on my cute lith boy every few months since the game was first uploaded and I'm always so surprised and excited to see you're consistently adding more content for us. the steel door option has been my favorite storyline by far and im so excited to see where you go with it! Thank you so much for this wonderful game <3

Lithiers responds:

Thanks for sticking with it for so long! Yeah, I'm pretty determined to see this one through to the end, though at this point it's more what comes after that's kinda scary. I hope you enjoy the game's conclusion when it's ready!

How can I even get the blue collar? Seems like the friendly options just don't go any farther than about 1/3rd of the gauge.

Review: Really glad for such a wholesome erotic game. T^T

Lithiers responds:

Glad you enjoyed! The black collar is certainly the most straightforward, and for a reason. Being more patient and taking your time with Lith is kinda integral to what the others are about. Sometimes repeating things can help you make progress. Best of luck, and thanks for the kind words!

Im having difficulty getting any collars other than black, also does anyone know how to get all pictures in the gallery?