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Reviews for "My Very Own Lith"


I love the story line! I unlocked Partners In Crime. I think it's the first time I truly enjoyed a game. Keep up the good work!


So I replayed the game.... still love it. This time I got Day and Night. I really enjoyed the gameplay. I tried to give Lith as much dominance as possible but it took too long and I gave up. I hope I get one more good ending the next time I play it!

Personally, at first I joined the game in the beginning just for the porn. Based on that alone this is an AMAZING game Lith is a lovable character and also very sexy. Except later on once you become more immersed and involved with Lith as a character when the doors come in... It starts to become an emotional overdrive you'd never expected to receive. The routes you receive in the pink color paths are more impactful as it requires such an effort to reach the pink collar. There is the blue collar route was also an option I followed, but not farther than the stone door. Also for spoilers I won't go into the specifics of the moral dilemmas you face in the end of the game which I love but it just hurts me. The only problem I had was this ONE time out of 5 hours of playing I couldn't save my game, that's the only problem I had with this game.

I wonder when if your gonna add something that lets him dominate me more than 99. I still played for an hour after getting him to it and trying to get stuff done. lesson learned, after he snaps and fucks you senseless, don't try to go for any things that require high arousel. I still did like being dominated like 8 times till I figured it out. Great game can't wait to see how far you will take it.

soo... this is one of the very few text games that I've legitimately enjoyed, and A LOT, but why do the fourth fifth and sixth save slots not work? it says "Save Successful but then when I hit load, it is empty, help?

I have to admit, this is my favorite of all of the games I've played on here, I love the interactions you can do with lith, she/he is too cute! Keep up the amazing work!!!