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Reviews for "My Very Own Lith"

After getting every ending, I can confirm this game is emotional


Lith is so adorable that I can enjoy this feline for hours of entertainment. Lith is the kind of story line I would love to see more of and will continue to play to this day. Your way of showing how a character reacts by how you act is a wonderful concept that I never grow tired of. Keep up the good work.

This game is one of the best text story games I've played, it brought out emotions, it felt like I was actually making a friend. Really good job.

I remember this game a few years back and I remember I didn't know how to play it. Now that I knew how to play it now that I'm older I enjoyed it. At first it was for my desire, but then... I started reading it more and more and when I got to the "Past" I was heartbroken. It really pulled some emotions in me.

Overall I really love the game, the dialog, and the amount of effort you poured into it. I really want to thank you for making this.

Certainly a diamond in the rough game. Yes there are H scenes but the writing and story line is really engrossing, and when you get close to the end, you start really feeling for the characters.