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Reviews for "My Very Own Lith"

gr8, r8 8/8 m8, took the b8, 'twas my d8, call it f8, open the g8, there's no h8, name's not K8, i'm never l8 m8, don't see N8, got a good r8, it did s8, what about T8, wish there were more...guess I'll w8!

I came here to masturbate, not to feel
but god did I feel and it was worth the journey

didn't get as far as I wished, but 135 nice points made for a great story
hell, I'll probably play it again in a serious manner and try to finish it and look at all the endings

Very great game, Recommend that you don't use a walk-through for the best experience possible. And you should read all the dialogue without skimming through! Definitely for hardcore adventure literature type people! THIS GAME ROCKS!

O_O whale then... I pressed Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait, until it went to 17........then im alone TT^TT... I give it a 5 star though SOO CREATIVE!!!

I find that the saving function doesn't work, other than that , I really enjoy the written context, Well done