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Reviews for "My Very Own Lith"

its just a black screen :(

Will this ever come to mobile for download

I adore this game. The characters are interesting, and each of the endings hit you hard in some part of your body, whether it be your heart or your genitals. Or both. If you like porn in writing form, play this game. If you like mushy-feels that make you want to cry into your pillow and weep for all of eternity, play this game. When I first clicked on this, I was just expecting to get my rocks off to a cute kitty. And while that did happen (numerous times I might add, holy geez Lith can get rough when he's on top), I also got to delve deeper into my own character's psyche and find out some uncomfortable realities, had to acknowledge my role as (just to avoid spoiling too much) an 'outsider', and had to come face to face with a certain dog who was just.... I shiver at the thought of him. Lithier, congrats on somehow making me feel violated through the screen.

Secrets in this game are difficult to find. You may need to purposely upset your Lith just to see what will happen. But believe me, those secrets are worth finding out. If you want to cry, look for the fourth door. It contains some heart-wrenching and bittersweet endings. Now, I know from personal experience that trying to find the right path for more of that sweet sweet content can be difficult, so let me give you a hint. You have to go back to the void from the second door, then upset your Lith until something new pops up. Not all the choices in door two lead to an ending, so just keep trying until you return.

Also the realization that [P] was probably that brown... 'thing' your avatar was afraid of in ending one was terrifying and incredible. I will be honest, I felt chills run down my spine when I looked at his character art. Probably the scariest 'horror' moment in any game I've experienced, hands down. Granted I'm a wuss, but nonetheless.

If you have the time, play this game. If not for the story or the endings, then for the lovely NSFW scenes.

10/10. Congrats Lithier, you have created something incredible. I will be watching your career with great interest.

Spent too many hours of my life enjoying the hell out of this game.

I luv the game, I CAN BE A FOX FUTANARI!!!! All worth the hard work