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Reviews for "My Very Own Lith"

Something about the dominance stat seems to have changed, as others mention. Before I could get Lith up and stuck at 99 dominance. Now *everything* I do lowers it, even getting him to act on 'Offer Self'.

Lithiers responds:

The fundamentals of dominance haven't changed in a long time, and I believe the only changes I've made since the beginning were to make it easier to make Lith dominant and keep him that way. Dominance does drain naturally over time on its own, though, and if for some reason you have him at really high dominance but get a scene that has a much lower-level dominance effect, I guess it's possible it wouldn't be able to counter the over-time drain effect. It should never have been possible to get him "stuck" at 99 dominance, though.

so far my only problem with the game is its description. it says you can be dominated by lith but i have never seen that happen with the... many... time ive played

I think I may have found a glitch: when going through the stone door, and FINALLY unlocking the partners in crime achievement, I can't keep it due to text suddenly spacing out, and an error message that says " [WARNING: TARGET MOVING OUT OF RANGE - CONNECTION DEGRADING]" and as you progessively scroll down, the text spreads out and breaks mid word/sentence, and it's kind of creepy tbh... wondering if it can be fixed? Other than that, the game is good :)

- Patricia

P.S. other error messages include:


Lithiers responds:

You found an ending! Sorry if it's confusing, that's just how most of the endings go. You should still have your achievement if you go to check after loading a file or starting a new game.

Not all of the endings will necessarily be satisfying, but that's because they're "early endings" :P

Not gonna lie, may have nutted to this.

If you get the blue collar, and talk about the void, you yell "SUCK!!! OUR!!! DIIIIICKS!!!" Funny as hell.