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Reviews for "One Punch Man in Two Minutes"

The voice acting really makes this! Don't be fooled by the low rating, the animation really isn't AAA but that didn't take away the enjoyment form me. Hell, I favorited this!

maaaan, I saw this on comixology. I need to get thissss...

Nice. Respectful. Hand Drawn. A welcome change to mix things up on this site

Not very often that I give something all 5 stars, it's usually 4 and a half, just so there's something extra for the really great things to distinguish them. But this was great. This is truly great. Hikari, why'd you give it 3 out of 5! Your words don't match your rating, YOU are the CAUSE of the rating being as low as it is, you're bringing DOWN the average!

I love how you just had them not only explain the biggest problem with their relationship but lampshade it so perfectly to make it sense once again. And then on top of that you of course also completely lived up to the title. This is truly the whole thing in a nutshell. Except for mentioning that Saitama gets screwed with others' opinion of him, he gets no recognition whatsoever and none of the respect he deserves, you might have mentioned that too. But no points off for it. Which is the one thing with the series that REALLY still doesn't make any sense to me, how they can still not have Saitama be at the top of the S class, how they can not be cheering his name in the streets. They're constantly saying "oh a C or B rank hero couldn't POSSIBLY be useful against THIS monster" when he got ranked at C in the first place by doing badly on a WRITTEN exam. Why would they not know that their ratings are BS if you can be ranked low from a written test? And once some of the S ranked ones learned of their mistake they should have immediately put him in the S club. It doesn't make any sense. And yet they have classified the guy with the scar on his face as S even though he's got nothing. It doesn't seem there should be any correlation at all with their ranking and ability with that level of incompetence so why should the S's even be strong at all as a group. I wonder if it's a metaphor for life being unfair to the truly worthy, it probably is.

Executive producers on Patreon, lol