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Reviews for "One Punch Man in Two Minutes"

The voice acting really makes this! Don't be fooled by the low rating, the animation really isn't AAA but that didn't take away the enjoyment form me. Hell, I favorited this!

I guess OnePunchMan is pretty strong, huh. :P Loved watching this series; love the prolonged life it's getting with these fanimations! It's not the most detailed, but the voice act's top quality; everything moves along nicely with that. Some more focus on explosions and effects too, which looks good. Interesting how bobbing seems to replace the traditional lip-syncing btw. :) OPM FTW! Nice work.


I'll admit I haven't watched One Punch Man yet, but this was hilarious!

Love one punch man! Also love the animation and artwork here. Although some color would've been nice and everything, but that is just a nit-pick. For the most part, I enjoyed this. Keep it up!