Reviews for "Confused Travolta Clicker EXTREME"

wow, this was an excellent game-version of the meme ''confused travolta'', with many clever, puzzles and mini-games!

i loved the first level, where you stole stuff while he wasn't looking at you, i liked the ''seduce'' level alot, i loved the space-adventure game, where you had to (quietly) defend earth's mothership from enemy attacks, i found hard the ''tetris-travolta'' challenge, but i won on my second try, and i loved the final level!

great game overall, very funny, and quite challenging.
a very enjoyable and cool interpretation of the meme.

keep up the good work, and make more stuff like this!

Well meme'd. 10/10

Amazing. Just. Amazing.

From laughter lying when see Travolta from Pulp Fiction.

Its the game sucks 10/10