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Reviews for "Summoners Quest Ch.9 18+"

You're awesome bro
You're so awesome.
This game as no sound bug as the last one, the animations and the art are
I've never used so much AWESOME in my life, and thats AWESOME.
Now bro, i have an sugestion 4 you, remember your poppy game? You could remake it, since poppy was reworked, i would love to see some action with the new poppy.

Sorry my english sucks, i know it.

Ferdafs responds:

I was hoping I could do that soon! Also thank you for your support!

Really enjoyed it, keep up the good work! Might want to double-check your credits though, still says chapter 8.

<3 Good Job Bro

That was really good, well paced and interesting longest one yet I would say also :D Looking forward to the next installment when it comes :)

Super good work bro i watched every single episode ^^ Playing league since s4 and im so happy i found this your rock bro!!! keep it up!!!