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Reviews for "Summoners Quest Ch.9 18+"

When will chapter 9.5 or 10 be out? This series is awesome and I want to see more!

Ferdafs responds:

After a project I'm working on currently.

This has become my highlight of the month 5 / 5

Really enjoying the series, can't wait for more.

If We go to Zaun, and will be able to make Ekko our champ I will god damn love you!

Compared to the previous episode involving the two of them, I thought that this was considerably heartwarming (and, well, warming in... other places). Great development of their characters when in the proximity of one another, but that said, it was overshadowed by Caitlyn near the end, considering how little interaction we've had with her. She had a bit of development, yes, but come on; we both know that was just to whet our appetite for what's to come with Chapter Ten... which is two chapters away, since Chapter 9.5 with Vi as the focus is still to come. While it may be a different side of the same general story, I'm looking forward to what it brings about, especially with how desperate Jinx seemed in this episode.

... Can't imagine how things might go for Vi's mental state...

Ferdafs responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks for the review.