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Reviews for "Summoners Quest Ch.9 18+"

hoooooooooly fuck that was fucking awesome just story wise i know theres another episode after this one and fuuck im excited to play it but shit dude theres actual character here not just characters theres character here they have FUCKING character how the shit does someone write character into characters for what is essentially a porn series fuck dude NICE

holy shit were you high on adderall when you wrote this? theres like 100 pages of text here with no content.

regardless, the sex scenes are still hot!

I loved it, this was the best chapter so far, really fun and interesting. Creators you are awesome.

everyone in this was so cute and it made me smile so hard and i loved it!

Absolutely incredible. Although I was admittedly looking for smut, I found something far better. The sex scene was well made, but I absolutely loved the story.

The characters have such fun and amusing personalities. It is not often that porn... actually no, not even that. referring to this as porn is an insult. This visual novel is more art than anything.

I will absolutely be going to the very start and read from the beginning,

I cannot wait for chapter 10. Keep up the stunning work.

Ferdafs responds:

Wow, thank you!