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Reviews for "resident evil epic parody"

Very creative idea, well executed. Although I was surprised she wasn't shooting civilians while she was tripping, thinking they were zombies.
But, the art style was nice, and fit the kind of humor you went with. The only thing I felt was lacking was I felt it wasn't physically dark enough; it seemed to bright to be a zombie apocalypse/crack den. You could also tell that there were looping scenes, where they're honestly didn't need to be, if that makes sense.
The echo effect on the audio at the beginning was a nice touch, but it didn't last long enough for you tell what it was (I didn't know what it was until I watched for the second time), and later on it sounded, like, hollow? I guess? Like talking into a pillow, while also underground in a mine, or a well.
Another thing I didn't realize until the second round through, was that the girl was Jill Valentine. Totally didn't notice; I think because she didn't have the vest or the hat. Still a cutie, though.

But, this short was awesome! I hope you do more parodies or the Resident Evil franchise in the future! <3

hinca responds:

thanks for the critic man, your wrds really helpful, my weak point is the sound for the moment, the audio i used on the video have poor edition and equalitacions, i'm still learnig :)

i dont understand sorry

is this from another car toon?

hinca responds:

this is based on the video game resident evil 3 nemesis

What the FUCK was the ending about?

That was kind of messed up.
And wow, her boobs were unrealistically bouncy, nice pornographic emphasis.

literally an excuse to draw boobs disguised as a comedy.
Congratulations on being the 15 millionth person to do this, I applaud your creativity.

hinca responds:

mmm i'm sorry if you get disgusted or offended in some way, so the next time i'll draw them bigger a bouncier haha