Reviews for "resident evil epic parody"

So tits, tentacles and explosions...

Made me laugh but subtitles in national language were a little meh.

hinca responds:

i replaced with an english version

The animation and setup was great, the ending was kinda predictable though. Who hasn't made that joke in the RE games already?

This is funny and you have to wonder how you can survive multiple zombie attacks,random explosions and the Nemesis without being killed or put in the ICU. LOL. Then we see how she survives,she was high. And that Nemesis might introduce Jill to a little pleasure.

"This is my best work to the date" LOL.

Love it! Too short. But excellent animation, credit to the voice artist as well.

That was some great animation! I really liked the Ode to Joy you put in there. Lots of epic explosions, interesting how she managed to explode everything. That ending was nice as well, a bit of reality to make up for all the unrealistic rocket launching. That scene where she fought Nemesis was weirdly edited though. Lots of unconnected cuts. As for the cool action bits, I really loved the energy in them, with lots of weight ot everything, especially Nemesis getting shot and her getting eaten. This was way cooler than I was expecting, good job!