Reviews for "resident evil epic parody"

resident evil 2 parody pls

hinca responds:

im wreating one :D

take 5 stars from me. why:

liked the humor

re3 is my favorite

liked that you had references from the whole game and you show you really know what you are saying

liked the "herbs" getting her high joke

liked the naughty and sexy innuendos

liked the drawings and animation

and for the effin nostalgia

5 stars

hinca responds:

waw! you realy understand the whole video, i replay the game a couple of times while i was mading it, and i draw the backgounds from each scene baseddirectly from the game to be the most accurate posibly, i also i always wanted to do something with the classical herb joke XD or the jill sandwich.
thank you man.

you want stars? I give you stars. All five of them.

hinca responds:

hhahaha men this was epic!! like a hand in a glove, thanks man!!

Dat ending

Nice drawings and I liked the history XD