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Reviews for "Escape The Car HD"

14:39 LOL

1:29, after 3 runs.

It was kinda fun, but the controls really ruined it for me. They weren't bad, but were a bit too unresponsive and 'jumpy'. And it was never really clear where you had to click to move where you wanted.
Adding simple arrows would have fixed this issue mostly. Sorry.

02:39, slightly slower than the Non-HD version, it was around 01:30, the controls was slightly weird in this one, hence I took a slower timing than the previous version, overall, the design is good and it is more clearer to see. Nice job in this one as always, hope you will make more HD versions for the other escape series. Will look forward to it, also one suggestion, are you able to port these into mobile version? Thank you!

Got out in two minutes and 30 seconds. Not bad, but the click controls are a little awkward.