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Reviews for "Escape The Car HD"

Great game. Fairly simply, handy hint option. Although a bit short, one cannot love enough Hyptosis' point & click games...

Nice little escape game. The solutions to the puzzles didn't feel random, and some of them were just deep enough that they actually made you think a bit.

I think the game lacks some of the comfort options of most modern point and click adventures, like having an object or area glow/outlined if it's clickable. This makes it easier to tell if the player is going to enter an area transition or manipulate something on screen.

The cushion doesn't seem to budge, unless I'm missing an item or clicking on the wrong area..

Wow this really brings back memories, took me almost 11 minutes to remember it all. Looks great and is still a lot of fun to play!

Afro-Ninja responds:

Thanks bud!