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Reviews for "Escape The Car HD"

This game reminds me of how dumb and impatient I was as a kid, where I would look up walkthroughs for all Escape series games.
Now this game, remembering nothing about how to beat it, is fairly simple. You just click anywhere where it works and use common sense. Still, this was a huge staple of my old days of Newgrounds, so I have to give it kudos for that. There's still no denying though that this is just a slightly clearer reupload, though I do like the absence of navigational arrows, were really unnecessary to begin with.

I remember playing the original! I wish it was different at least, but still fun!

I agree with @AnnieOminous below, the old navigation arrows were awesome, bring those backs!

Identical to the original.

It's been so long since I played the original I almost didn't notice the differences, so I went back and played the old version too. I like the new artwork, but miss the old navigation arrows, it was hard to find the hotspot for the ceiling, even though I knew it was there. Big improvement on the wire scene. Would love to see some more collabs from you two!

Great game. Fairly simply, handy hint option. Although a bit short, one cannot love enough Hyptosis' point & click games...