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Reviews for "Escape The Car HD"


It's very good! i did it in 17 minutes 27 secs

I am so glad I got as far as I did. I was really confused by the gameplay at first. I tried combining things, but literally nothing happened. I normally expect something to pop up and say that these things can't be combined. Instead, it was just your own assumption. I guess I'm just bad at these.

It's great that you take a classic game like this. I still don't know why I would be trapped IN a car. It must be some faulty model. I think the design is really good, even though there's not much to see in general. I'm surprised I found so many places to look.

1st attempt after years, 18+ minutes, 2nd attempt after years, 1:43 - v-

classics never die

escape games help stimulate my brain