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Reviews for "Escape The Car HD"

2 min 35 seconds beat that!

It's hard to see a remake which has the same or better quality than the original, good job.
BTW, you disappeared for too long.

8 mins 49 seconds. Thanks for bringing back some memories! :)

5 minutes 39 seconds! With one hint (for how to get the code)

Was a bit hard trying to figure out where to click (was stuck for a bit thinking I couldn't look up) but after I figured that out it was all good! Very fun and nostalgia fulfilling!

Afro-Ninja responds:

Yeah I should have brought that back- this particular version was built for mobile where you can't use cursor hover effects reliably. Was curious to see how necessary they were. Guess I learned my lesson!

Good but extremely frustrating at times. As others have said it can be hard to figure out what you can click on and what you can't - a different cursor would help, and I wouldn't mind the option to go back or look at different views being highlighted rather than just clicking near the edges of the screen which left me very frustrated at times. A single word change would also have made this much easier... The 'instrument panel' you refer to is called a DASHBOARD.

Afro-Ninja responds:

Yes but it is more specifically the section that contains the gauges ;)