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Reviews for "Escape The Car HD"

Simple game, lots of fun.

It has great atmosphere, thanks to excellent artwork and immersive sound effects. Difficulty seemed well ballanced, relying on common sense but requiring some thinking.

I kinda wish it was a bit longer, but that's nitpick - it's well designed and that should be enough.

I think the only problem is: when examining an area up close, it's not obvious where to click in order to go back... on the instrument panel, one has to click the right edge of the screen; under the steering wheel, one has to click the bottom edge; it seems a bit arbitrary, in my humble opinion.

Nevertheless, it has aged really well, while keeping that good old point 'n' click flash game charm.

13 Minutes and 47 Seconds. Not bad I think.. For my first time ;)

2 minutes and 7 seconds

5 mins 0 secs

Time: 21 Minutes and 49 seconds 1hint
Really Nice game