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Reviews for "Escape The Car HD"

Fun, only 5.26, though I have a better record on the original (It has been quite a few years, though). It's nice to see it recreated, though, personally, I would much prefer to see a new game where I have to figure things out, rather than rely on old memory.
Nonetheless, it's still quite nice and it'll probably attract a whole new wave of fans.

What are the controls? i cant seem to get used at the game

it was ok but it's not very clear what you're supposed to click to get out of a certain view, took me many clicks sometimes to look around.

8m 43s
Not a bad start for my first escape game, but I did need 2 hints for the code and the fact that there's a way to check the top of the car. :P

Still simple and nice game. :)

1 minute and 51 seconds