Reviews for "Jet Pack Jesus"

Wow, what a great game you have made. I like the style of the game a lot, and I am certain i will keep coming every week to see the updates. However, I found a bug that froze my game at 35 pieces (my higscore at the moment), and made me very angry. If it helps I am using Chrome and did not have any more windows opened. Also, I would like to see this game on Android I will be playing it all day.

DBuck-Eye responds:

I'm glad that you like it! I'll be honest, I haven't kept up with the weekly updates at all... but I do want to get back to it at some point! I think there's a bug that's causing the game to freeze when the score gets high enough. I at least need to fix that, but in the mean time, you could call it a kill screen, like in the old arcade games :)

Also, there's experimental touch screen support, but I guess I haven't enabled it on Newgrounds, cause I sort of want to do it better. I'll send you an update when I get to all this stuff!

It's a good game, just the occasional frustrating pile of bricks falling at bad time.

But there is one thing I can never figure out. How on earth are you supposed to save the sinners? I tried picking them up and flying straight up, but they seem to slip out of grip and fall to earth. I am totally stumped on this part...

DBuck-Eye responds:

Why, my boy, you've already saved them, that's all there is to it!

Game likes to troll you whenever you get cheeses in the mid-to-high 30s by freezing.
That "Get 40 cheeses in one game" medal is thus a luck of the game not freezing on you.

Other than that super-annoying bug, game mechanics are okay.

Compatibility across browsers is bad. This really only works under Firefox. This was stated in the description, however I point it out here because merely stating it in the description doesn't excuse it and I'd still consider it a design flaw. At the very least, try to make sure games work on both Firefox and Chrome as those are the two major browsers most people use these days.

I do prefer Firefox of the two, so if you're going to lock it to just one browser, Firefox is the better choice, but still.

DBuck-Eye responds:

I hadn't experienced the game freezing thing, and it seems to be working pretty well in Firefox and Chrome (although having a lot of tabs open/having other programs running will certainly hurt performance).

That said, it may be the case that there's a bug that only occurs when you've been playing for a while. Did the game freeze completely or just slow down? If it's the first, did switching to a different tab and then switching back unfreeze it? PM me if you want and we can try to figure it out!

A strangely addicting game this one, I've been playing it round after round for... waaay too long now! Characters are as fun to circle through as the scriptures are to read, but the game itself is both aggravating and catchy. Aggravating in how easy it is to die and lose your progress, but catchy in how quick it is to replay. I wonder if collecting cheeses adding to a health bar or lives would make it more rewarding, or destroy the arcade-style aspect a bit...

First ten rounds or so were hellish, but once you get used to the motion (and moving left and right to go up, rather than right up) it gets a bit easier.

Medal(s) I'd really like to see here: cheese-based totals. I've been collecting so much cheese whilst trying to get to the higher numbers, but it'd be nice with awards not only for high scores but also perseverance, as there are with replays and bricks (though to get those you can just make sure to die quickly - something the cheese-based medals would differ in). Overall twas an entertaining game! And as for saving those sinner souls, I still haven't really figured out that part. Do you just make them raise their hands (in which case I feel I should've managed more than three in a game, but maybe not)? Or do something more spectacular? Nice work; happy to see that initial bug fixed!


DBuck-Eye responds:

Happy to hear that you liked it! I think cheese totals might be a good place to go for the next batch of medals, so don't mind if I take that suggestion!
There are two ways to save a sinner: lift them up to the top of the screen or fall onto the them while falling really fast. If a cross pops up behind the sinner, congratulations, you've saved them!

Funny and original. That moment when cheese is more important than sinners XD

DBuck-Eye responds:

I dunno man, Sinners get you jack shit in this game, but I always seem to go save them before returning to the cheese!