Reviews for "Jet Pack Jesus"

I hate to tell you this, but this is really really buggy :( It took me forever to figure out how to get past the title screen, then I hit spacebar, every time i did, something loaded little by little. It doesn't load all at once. I finally got to play the game but it was extremely buggy. Not bad, but even without bugs, this could use some work. Sorry man :c it's bugged.

DBuck-Eye responds:

That's no good :( If I'm being honest, there's more work to be done to make sure this game works on as many devices and browsers as possible, so I'm not too surprised to hear there are issues. Some are browser/HTML issues (such as the scroll rolls coming in and out on the menu), but some are fixable.

I really wanted to get this out today, but I'm gonna need to put more into it to make sure it's up to par. What browser/device are you using, by the way?