Reviews for "Top Naut 2"

Very good i stay brilliant with my music thank you very much they are a few geniuses all

This game is pretty awesome. I like the fact that the art is joyful and pleasing to ma eyes unlike some art. The music has a perfect tune to fit the game i overall had a wonderful time playing this game. But i have one question, does the nyan cat even serve a purpose? lol

Flatthead responds:

Thank you! Nyan cat is just floating to and fro minding his own business and throwing a few things here and there!

I definitely like the idea! Adding the gravity control is a good thing, enables the player to invite some strategies. Few things though:
1. The game is already hard on later stages, why not reducing the slippery of the lower border?
2. Change the place where the medals are appearing, I just lost because the medal covered the place where I was just trying to avoid some rockets.
3. What do I need to get the invincibility power up? Is this the rocket I am flying?
4. Are the medals cumulative or possible to collect in one playthrough only?

Flatthead responds:

Thank you for the suggestions! Minus the slippery border everything was updated. We are still looking into that issue.

Great Game! but i think it needs more content though.

Flatthead responds:

Please Pm Log10tech with any content suggestions! Thank you for the review!

Nice Litte game with easy to understand controlas,easy to get into...hard to get out