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Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

pretty fun game but i got in trouble from my aunt for it being to violetn

oh well

The controls are not the best at times that it made me literally pull my hair out also the music is very repetitive. But I have to say the graphics are absolutely beautiful and the adventure is all there with ideas I've never seen before.

This game has
Good Graphics
Good Music
Good Writing
But what it doesn't have is good Gameplay.
There is just nothing new in the game its just another mindless Plattformer that doesn't even have Powerups or any sort of thing
Its just boring

physics are broken

I can find several GIANT flaws with this game
NUMBER 1: no midlevel checkpoints in boss areas (every game designed like this has them)
NUMBER 2: traps that should be avoidable in boss areas are not for the time you get
NUMBER 3: water in games in the worse cliche ever this shit is terrible
NUMBER 4: spikes on the fucking ceiling of a place you need to rush in
this game is a failure and you obiviously know nothing about your audience
oh yea and number 5: multiple hits not one hit and back to the beginning