Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

Fantastic game. The controls were very precise, any death I was dealt felt it was my error. Good level design and lots of interesting traps. I really liked the alternate tracks in the special sections of the dungeons, the water one being my favorite.

Now, how about seeing Duke Dashington return!

This game is fantastic! I even streamed a full time trial... the only achievement that eludes me is the less than 10 deaths full time trial... and I'm definitely going to get it! Amazing game btw and super addicting

This has quickly become my new favorite game on Newgrounds. The SNES-level graphics appeal to old-school gamers, the music is wonderful; you don't get tired of it while replaying a level a few times to get it right. The "boss" stages I've tackled so far have been fun as well. The game is challenging without being frustrating. I like that I can pick up where I left off. I'm gonna keep coming back to this until I finish it.

I enjoyed this game a great deal. I love reading the low review from kids who get upset when a game is actually challenging.

Cool! love the retro style