Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

I have beef with this game. It is near perfect, and it has a REALLY REALLY GOOD learning curve through its level design. My beef is the lack of checkpoints on the last level. Because I died a lot on the last level, and if you die a lot on the last level, especially at the end, you will have to restart all over again. I get the timed moving screen mechanic that the last golden world has, but honestly there's so much in the last boss battle it hurts my fingers to keep replaying it again and again.

There are also a multitude of other things I can say were REALLY REALLY REALLY good about the game like the boss battles being against the level as opposed to bosses, but that's too many paragraphs for me. REALLY REALLY REEEEEEALLY GOOD GAME!

spectacular game i should really come back and finish it.

played this game on android but this desktop is much easier in terms of controls. Love the music very Secret of Mana-ish

Looks like the Draggers here from Rio

Very good level design and learning curve. I like how the platforms can both help and hurt you, and the hazards sometimes get you in unexpected ways.

On a minor point- if you fell asleep during swimming lessions, you'd drown...

AdventureIslands responds:

That's the joke.