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Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

This game. Is INCREDIBLE.
It's the very best Flash game i've ever played

The art for this game is incredible.

oh yeah and the game too I guess.

I actually really liked this game. As usual, I love 16bit/SNES styled graphic in your games. While I think that the gameplay isn't something original and may be kinda too frustrating, the whole game may be repetetive as it goes on, the first three bosses are exactly the same and it is not as fun as I expected; something that I liked the most are secret levels with gems that link their color of the each dungeon they're hidden in and the final boss of the game. The final boss level made this game more challenging, because in order to play it, you need to beat 4 of these secret levels to unlock it. (which is a really hard thing to do). I like Fire Dungeon too, because the foggy effect you put into it really blends well with it, and it makes it more alive. My only real criticism with this game is Water Temple, just because you die by touching the water. It could be much better for me if you make the player able to swim in it. As usual, it was better than I expected and it's really challenging to play.

What I find wierd that when you drown you just turn into nothing

Very nice game!

It's good on android or online, the level design was very nice, the different world are very good and with new gameplay idea!

For me, the only thing are not in the game and can be very good is a level editor :/