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Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

i loved it!! i gave up after the 10th time of the water boss i could of stayed longer, but you know, i have to go to swim practice unlike this adventurer your making me use xc.

As addicting as it is challenging. A really nice game that's well put together, it feels smooth and is easy to pick up and jump right in. The art direction is just as great, really nice little game.

This is a great game. I love that it's Nintendo hard.

I liked the humour of this game, and it felt smooth as far as I played it (the lava stage) however, I can't say that I liked the game overall. The music gets repetitive very fast if you don't clear a certain stage fast enough, so perhaps more variety within each stage is required. Also the sound effects annoyed me, however when I turned them off, everything which had been accompanied by sound effects before seemed like an empty action.

When I was playing the first stage, the spike one, I noticed that sometimes a spike would go into my character's head, and I wouldn't die as a result. This seemed to me like bad collision detection, as he would have to be wearing the world's most spacious hat to have avoided death then.

In the water stage, I jumped down into receding water, deep enough to cover my character's feet, and dissolved in it. It was at this point that I realised where I had seen this character before. He is essentially Link from The Legend of Zelda. I don't mind the reference, whether or not it was intentional, however, I always disliked that someone like Link couldn't swim in some of the games, at least not at first, and I disliked it here too, even with the cheeky explanation given.

Finally, it seemed from the very start that it should have been a game where you could drop down from one of those ledges that you can jump up through, with the S or down key. I do appreciate that this would have made some of the challenges presented trivial, however I disliked that this game lacked that feature, when it felt to me like it should have had it.

A very good game. Congrats!