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Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

Pretty fun game. Addicting, and makes failure feel like it's the fault of the player, not the game. Spritework was good, and the music has that old Squaresoft sound. But a few issues stood out.

1. The gates look a lot like ladders, which confused me the first time or two I interacted with them. But the chains were worse. They looked like part of the background and not walls. Every time I started a stage with a chain wall I tried to run past them again.

2. There was no way to adjust your horizontal positioning by just a couple of pixels. Inching forward or making a small correction to a jump was impossible. An instant tap of the directional key causes the character to move 5 or 6 whole pixels, which is annoying with all the precision jumps the player is expected to make.

3. Maybe this was just me, but the water boss seemed much harder than the fire and grass bosses. I died on the latter two a total of about ten times put together, but I must have died 60 times on the water boss because of all the single tile platforms.

(There was also no music the first time I started the fourth area. Just a small glitch I thought I'd mention.)

All the above is pretty minor, and I'd probably give the game the full five stars were it not for the Wind Waker bullshit padding telling me to go back and find some keys. I elected to stop playing at that point. Had it been to unlock some secret or achievement I may have tried it. But blatantly barring progress for cryptic backtracking is unacceptable.

Still a really solid game. Good work in general. I almost finished this one ( I assume) and I usually lose interest in browser games after a minute or two.

When first saw this game I immediately started playing it and I loved it! Although I'm to say I did better on the app version......

I am giving this game a full five star thumbs up. Let me tell you why.

The pixel artwork incorporated smooth and clearly defined animations from objects on the field and the character himself during walking, jumping, and clearing the stage.

Character emotion was portrayed within our treasure hunter. The short background gave me reason to know why I was hunting for treasure. As well, the shocked looks when bosses arrived was quite refreshing!

The difficulty level and obstacle scheme was perfectly enticing for my taste. Deaths during the game invoked the serious penalty of restarting the level. No one gets babied here. The obstacle courses were ever changing and always had new things to look out for and new platforms to reach. I was always tested to my limit.

The bonus features of the secret levels caught me off guard initially. During the lava level, I ended up riding a platform into an open space while in reality I screamed "WEEEEE" out loud in my home. Turned out instead of dying, I was brought into an secret level. This was a big plus.

I would like to congratulate the entire team on the job well done. This play through was invigorating! Please share this review with your colleagues. Thanks!

Jeffrey Penner

You know what? I actually liked this. You could've done more with the boss fights, and some levels were significantly harder than others (dunno why but the fireball stairs gave me the hardest time, the timing was pretty tight.)

I really liked the Kirby 64-sounding tracks, the pixel art was on point, and the levels were fun. Good job.

I saw this game on the Play Store and it is absolutely awesome!!