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Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

i love it so much, I love all your games and this is not the exception

Yeah, I ended up really enjoying this! I admit that it got pretty difficult sometimes. That didn't matter, because it was so much fun! My only complaint is that there should have been enemies. I guess I wanted more of a Mario feel to it. I love the usage of sprites.

I could have sworn I saw this before. Maybe it was just the thumbnail? It was almost certainly before 2016. The music was great too. The water level was murder though.

AdventureIslands responds:

This game's a complete remake of Dangerous Dungeons I released in 2011. This version is build from scratch with new art, improved controls and level design, and completely new 4th dungeon. The original game is still playable here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/583201

Zelda, meets Mario meets Pyjama Boy! This game is brilliant. I loved the retro music and graphics and I really enjoy a simple yet challening platformer, plus for once it's nice to find a game that takes more than 5 minutes to complete (31 minutes on time trial). The final level was savage, all the shaking made it difficult to concentrate but I was determined to finally beat it, so the minus point I would've given that aspect is cancelled out by the fact I HAD to complete it! Hints of a sequel? I sure hope so!

why all adventurer and treasure hunter can't swim? WHY!? It's like eating breakfast without food! AHHHH

Seriously though, great game. I love the colors and style. Someone mentionned GBA earlier, I would have bought this game, had it been on GBA.

-0,5 for no swimming! nah just kidding. the -0.5 comes from my impression of having played this before, but in black and green (GB styled game) and glove powerup... and frogs hopping.. and bats...

This game is really well-done, it's very addictive, challenging but fair and really entertaining. It's reminiscent of GBA games in terms of graphic and music, and that adds a layer of nostalgia that I really appreciate. My main complaint is a few typos here and there, for example, "crystal get" instead of "you got the crystal" or something along those lines, but it absolutely doesn't take away from the gameplay and the experience at all, but it really is the only thing I could nitpick. Apart from that, it's a great game.

AdventureIslands responds:

"Crystal Get!" Is a reference to japanese version of Super Mario Sunshine, which would say "shine get!" When ever you got one.