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Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

Fantastic game. The controls were very precise, any death I was dealt felt it was my error. Good level design and lots of interesting traps. I really liked the alternate tracks in the special sections of the dungeons, the water one being my favorite.

Now, how about seeing Duke Dashington return!

OK its a rlly Good game ,but i cannot swim ? It doesent makes any seens. Kinda Lava or rlly Hot water would makes seens ,but not simply water. Thanks.

Great game, music, gameplay.
Only problem is the treasure of the fire dungeon wasn't somehow collected, it wasn't shown at the end and at the level select screen.

What I like about your games is that the last one is always your best one, you are always improving. Keep it up!

that was perfect, only thing that made me stop before finishing the last boss was. I was experiencing some lag which caused a lot of deaths that weren't my fault. but that's just because of my crappy computer, I can't normally play action games and especially not platformers on here.
I decided to try this one on a whim and it worked surprisingly well, I only got lag on the last boss, the secret fire level and the water boss.