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Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

This game is amazing. Great music and great levels throughout, and the time trials give it tons of replay value. Keep it up!

I played Tiny Dangerous Dungeons years ago, and this is a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work!

It's not just the smooth controls, cute graphics and excellent music (I like the change of tunes when you hit upon a "secret" level) that set this game apart, it's the quality of the level design. Very sneaky, but with a good gradient for the learning curve, and a difficulty level that can be challenging but rarely feels unfair.

Occasionally it's necessary to explore a level for a few lives to work out what's going on, but on the whole most of your deaths feel like it's "your" fault for doing something silly, rather than the game pulling a cruel trick on you. There are no hidden traps on booby-trapped squares, for instance, which is the kind of thing that really irritates me. The traps are blatantly obvious. How to time yourself to get around them might not be!

The collision detection can be quite generous - some parts of your body can survive being touched by a spike for instance. This sounds advantageous to the player but in many ways can work against you - for example, there are some places in between two spinning traps where you can safely sit, the spikes just brushing/safely overlapping your character, while you wait for the right time to jump the second trap. Judging purely by collision avoidance, you might not believe these safe spots are there... on the other hand, once you start looking for such spots, hoping for the game's generosity to come into play, a lot of other tight spots turn out to be (only just) fatal. That's frustrating. I'd almost rather that a tiny brush with a spike proved fatal to remove all doubt!

(Non-english native here, sorry for any mistakes/mispelling)

First, I LOVE this game. And I really enjoy speedrunning it (for the moment I only achieved times on grass & water, which are easily improvable, and I'm training Fire, which is really difficult to speedrun).

But I face a dilemma : I have found a glitch/exploit that allows the character to double jump under certain conditions. Nothing really broken : it can't be done everywhere and it is REALLY difficult to do, but it allows some time saves in some rooms (that's what makes Fire so hard to speedrun in fact ^^'). I don't know if you are aware of that glitch, and I'm a bit scared to tell you more about it because I don't know if you are the kind of developper that patch unintended (but deep) gameplay. This exploit really brings the speedrun to a new level and require very good execution to accomplish, making the run very interesting in terms of risk/reward, and it would demotivate me to run if it disappears.

That said, I didn't spend so much time on a flash game since a looooot of time, and it is a real pleasure to play it again and again. Thank you for that game !

~MetalFox Dioxymore

The game is extremely well made and awesome. Some levels are a little bit too frustrating for me though. Some people seem to like that, for me a little bit less frustration would have been perfect.