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Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

Very good controls and graphics!

Wow man, what a game. I understand that this is a remake and I don't know if I am to congratulate the original developers or the letast (or both) but it's a great work! I am gonna give some SPOILERS so game freaks don't go on further.

Well, the whole set up was very detailed. The music was very good and fitting with each part of the game. The controls were smooth as they could be and that gave me the excperience I rememberd from the old professional games, that one that you had to remember the whole level and perform each move perfectly to advance. The graphics were tottaly balanced between old school feeling and modern details. The levels were good, with a strange symmetry (that wasn't nessecery to my opinion because it didn't seemed to make any difference in the way the level feeled while playing it, but that's just me) and very impressive escalation to the difficulty; in the last Hall I really felt like I won't be able to use my right fingers in synch again for some time..! Well I could say more but, these are enough to sho my gratitude and respect. It wasn't life-changing but it has been a long time I had felt this way and it wasn't with a game of my generation..

Only two things I could say as negatives. I think that the last dungeon is maybe too long; from one hand it is the last one but from the other you could give us something not to be bored with. It was the only dungeon that dying, at some point, lost the thrill and became boring. Just an idea that popped out in my mind is to obtain from the big treasure a neclace or somthing that could give you one additional heart. I don't know.. The other is that when dying, e.g. by spears, and not all of his body on the ground the artwork wasn't finished. Yhe part that was on the air was like half, like it's been cut.
That's all folk, eventually, thank you and keep up the good work!

The Grass Dungeon was really too easy, but it was also a lot of fun. I was happy to replay that for the Time Trial and <3 death medals! There's something to be said for rushing about quickly with only mild threat.

The Water Dungeon had some nice use of symmetry in the level designs, but suddenly "waiting" was well and truly a big part of gameplay, and it was very difficult to do levels first time because often you couldn't see obstacles until it was too late. Also, drowning in a few inches of water kind of sucks. Oh, and the disappearing platforms that we had barely any time to get used to the timing of!

The Fire Dungeon's cameo of the first "boss" was cool, but there was even more waiting, and when the Electric/Gold Dungeon came along with the added toing-and-froing, I well and truly started to find it tedious.

* Spoilers ahead *

Bit disappointed that the final boss wasn't anything new, too, especially as it was a reincarnation of what I thought was the most boring boss design. A combination of all three would have been nice, if there was any reason not to have an electric gold dragon or other monster.

Overall, not a bad game, but, while the least challenging, I'd say the first dungeon was also the most fun. Even the end chase scene was so slow paced that I kept jumping off the top of the screen! Maybe a bigger screen would have helped (also for those rising/falling water levels, to be aware it was coming). Still, generally good, though I won't be bothering with the non-grass dungeons' medals.

Seems virtually identical to the original Dangerous Dungeons. Even secret locations are identical. I think there were a few things that were slightly different (other than graphics overhaul) but otherwise basically the same game.

It's a good game though.

AdventureIslands responds:

Well, it IS a remake, after all. Lots of levels follow the same layout as originals. but are edited to be less pain to get through or overhauled to be more interesting. Each dungeon also gets one completely new level, and there is 4th dungeon that was not in the original game at all.

Its actually nice. I thought that it would be boring but i actually enjoyed it. Smooth controls, lovable graphics, cute music, everything is great. Well done. Maybe add more difficulty to this game.