Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

This game is awesome. Its cute, fun and I really like it!

Keep on making games man :)

snes? More like GBA

This game is fantastic! I even streamed a full time trial... the only achievement that eludes me is the less than 10 deaths full time trial... and I'm definitely going to get it! Amazing game btw and super addicting

how r u?

I don't know why, but this seems easier than the original, unless I'm just better at it now. :?

Anyways, I hate how easy it is to die in this game, dying from one hit, and when you barely touch something on it's side or even water when it's really shallow. :(

I got to like Level 37 of the Golden Temple and had only 4 levels or so left to beat, but all the electricity and spikes kept annoying too much when I was jumping but didn't jump right apparently...

Seemed kind of easy for the most part, but games where you die easily or in one hit is a bit frustrating.