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Reviews for "Super Dangerous Dungeons"

slightly frustrating at the end, could use checkpoints. sequel when?

in time this game becomes less and less fun to play and at the end you play just for sake of completing the game.

Simple, pretty solid. I have no trouble with controls or slipping, but it does have some hitbox issues and bad puzzle design elements here and there:
1) Hitbox Oddity
Sometimes I get lasered in the hat and die, other times not. Mildly scrape the the bottom-most of a spike/energy trap, die. Ankle-deep WATER = dissolve like acid and die, really? Even a non-swimmer can handle being submerged all the way up to the neck!
The fire obstacles need to be jumped over even when not fully ignited. Not a big problem, but odd nevertheless.

2) Ceilings
Ceilings tend to be be either too low or too high. In the former: I bump my head on a ceiling for a jump even though I didn't hold the button down, and then other times I have to hold it down a bit but not too much because there's a spike.
In the latter: most noticeable in Gold Secret level. Can't ride the moving platform all the way; you have to get ahead of it. But this isn't immediately obvious because there's quite a reasonably big gap, only for you to realize you'll get pushed off because your hat collides against the ceiling.

3) Ground Detection
Only an issue on the moving platforms and the dead circle boss in the lava level. It feels like movement on moving platforms is extra sticky while the boss's remains is very slippery.

4) Pacing
Probably what I dislike most alongside the hitbox oddities. Generally most of the obstacles feel a bit too slow, especially if you've died quite a bit in a long level and are itching to just rush through the beginning that you've gotten sick of doing.
The worst offender is the final escape level; I groaned when I realized the camera moves at a VERY slow fixed rate and no sign of visible doom that crawls up the bottom of the level like maybe rising lava. So many times I climbed up too quickly, only to find myself getting stabbed in the head, even at the beginning of the level!

Overall design is fine, though the secret levels do feel too long. I personally had the most trouble with the beginning of the Water secret level. Gold secret level is actually manageable, but you have to memorize the spots where you have to jump ahead of the moving platform, or else its impossible to proceed.

This is seriously the most fun I've had in a browser game in the better part of a decade!!!! Great job! Professional art, music, and the game just works smoothly!!

Seems a professional game, really cool!