Reviews for "Hello From The Dark Side"

I am so glad to be seeing a spoof after watching the movie! Yeah, I guess this does technically contain spoilers. I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't know how Kylo Ren can play his lightsaber like that. It would turn his hands! This had great animation.

I'm just glad this website can be topical. We need to have as much recent stuff as possible. Weird, I haven't seen any "Frozen" animations here. Yeah, I was disappointed there was no mention of Jar-Jar in the movie either. They should have made him an old miser guilt tripped for helping the Emperor.

At first I was "Like Really? Really?!" in surprise.

Then, really, I feel this video is good. Bluesy lines and verbato, the deep piano chords, the lament of these 2 shadows - funny how it worked together.

The feels...

This was pretty good for a parody about Kylo Ren and Darth Vader. Nice job!

10/10 YEAH