Reviews for "FNAF 4 - revenge"

It feels like a leaked trailer for a Toy Story 4, written by Stephen King. :P

Oh no, you killed my childhood!! Just kidding lol. That was pretty funny. xD

This is a good animation. I like the idea and it was executed really well. Could be longer, but beside that well done.

not bad, art was pretty good. what little animation is there is good.
I got a faint elitists laugh when I saw the gun though.
The bullet is way to big to have fit in the gun then when it gets in his hand its tiny
Also the bullet is the size of a .45 acp yet looks like a giant .22lr, or a revolver bullet
and the bullet is a "rim fire" cartridge in the vid. when pistols mainly use "center fire cartridges"
I am only pointing these out to help you make more realistic guns in the future.
Go to google and search "Center fire vs rim fire" have a nice day sire.

I HOPE these stuff were in the game