Reviews for "The Eclipse"


That was really entertaining, the ending was great(couldn't quite tell if he was alive or dead), lots of good music to go with it, nice story, good drawings, keep up the good work.


That was great. Good choices on the music. Nice to know someone else listens to Squarepusher.


you have about the same amount of faith in the people of planet Earth as i do. I have one question, how could he be scoping out chicks if he didn't have some sort of physical reproduction apparatus (dick?)

Hey this was good!

I dont have much to say about this but it was good anyway.


i am very impressed. great style, sound, gruesome detail.... encredible addiction, i even paued the play button so i could answer the phone. wow, you should make a series without a doubt, please even if anyone says anything bad, which i doubt, take tis review seriously, you are probably very well aware of your talent. it started off like a horror flick, but became more like uh, hmm, quick peek at his life, you could do horros easily. All my 5 R belong to you!
keep up the... great work!
-peace out-