Reviews for "The Eclipse"


Well... this is now one of my favorite flashes... almost in my room caliber!!

I look forward to your next project!

I did like how you did the animation and the music you picked for it. You have alot of potential talent and just keep cranking them out dude!


i am very impressed. great style, sound, gruesome detail.... encredible addiction, i even paued the play button so i could answer the phone. wow, you should make a series without a doubt, please even if anyone says anything bad, which i doubt, take tis review seriously, you are probably very well aware of your talent. it started off like a horror flick, but became more like uh, hmm, quick peek at his life, you could do horros easily. All my 5 R belong to you!
keep up the... great work!
-peace out-


Very well done. graphics are nice. keep up the good work.

It's good

Sigur Ros, Smashing Pumpkins, the Beatles....you've got good musical taste! You got a 4. :)