Reviews for "The Eclipse"

This was good.

It only got 3rd place? What a rip. I think you're my favorite NG artist now.

kick ass

wuz a good movie the sound wuz great and ur plot wuz excellent what more can i say


Why did you title it The Eclipse? Is it arbitrary or metaphorical about the ending and dealing with trust? .. Frankly, I'm not sure why everyone is drooling over this piece.. It's not crap or anything, but .. well.. no offense intended, but you said yourself that you didn't really plan anything. Plan something next time and I'll give ya a 5 :P

Very Cool Movie

Man, that was a kick ass movie. Good sound, good plot, good graphics. This gets my protect point.


That was amusing, good stuff. It's amazing what people can do when they don't have ideas.. Keep up the good work.