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Reviews for "A Walk in Your Brain--_--"


Gongrats on 400 songs and most songs in the AP! Must be great!
Seeing your dates, you must either have a gay amount of songs to upload even before you signed up, or all you do is making tracks all day... yeah.
But this was a great, reaxed tune, Great song, it`s not stressing nor too slow. You`ve got some great instruments in this, and also it`s one of the best choices to put the stuff in, so it fits really well to each others, and it makes a great, complete song. Great work.
(If people have a lot of songs, I always review their first, so prepare)

Those bells at the beginning remind me of Goukisan.

haha i boosted it up 2 1

nice, relaxing melody. 06 and its still in the top good work