Reviews for "The Phantom Box"

Summary: "This animation is about love, betrayal, past memories & tragedy, all together in an epic moral story. It is about the world we are in, and where everthing ends up as garbage, and even how that is handled" ;;; I am such a romantic, ain't i? ;)

I freakin' LOVED IT! i was afraidlike many other strange "M" rated animations that there would be dicks'n guts'n boobs'n shit flying around everywhere. And i am goddamn glad there aint, it's great. It's the perfect combo between sex humor and MetalGear style!


Aey man - love your anime art style. Nice parody of MGS :)

I'm only giving this a three because.. the voice acting was.. subpar.. the artstyle was amainzing, but the VOICE acting really RUINED it for me..