Reviews for "Welcome to Winkletown"

Very well done! I loved the concept of the game as well as the way you developed it. It is indeed a bit frustrating at the begining, but I don't see this as a problem. Real life detectives and police officers have to deal with A TON of frustration during investigations, and even more frustration sometimes in the Courtsof Justice. In this job, the devil is in the details.

The only thing I would add is a way to check out the people that you are sure are innocent, so the player can better focus the analysis on the remaining suspects - specially when you need to keep checking in multiple places.


I lost track of time playing this XD
a solid 20 minuets passed before I realised

I like the game, but there's some things i can't figure out, some guilty guys have round face when the clue says plate-shaped face, same thing when a normal body of the guilty come out when the clue says well round or gym shaped body.

It gets a bit boring after a while, but I really love the style; the music; the sound effects (except perhaps for the typing one, which I think is a little too loud); and the overall idea. I particularly like how the game is randomly generated, from the crimes to the names, personalities and figurines. I also like their sentences once the trial is done (be it successful or not).

Something that is not actually a very bad thing, but felt sort of pointless is having several locations. I guess it was supposed to increase the difficulty by increasing the number of possible suspects, but it felt a bit artificial the way it was done.

Anyway, great game. Enjoy a solid 90% rating.

I really like the concept here.

Plus it's not too easy, not too hard.